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URO TODAY: Men who choose watchful waiting after diagnosis of prostate cancer face higher risk of death from the disease than those who choose treatment, a Swedish study of nearly 7000 men has shown. READ MORE>

After adjustment for risk category, co-morbidity, and socio-economic status, there was a lower risk of prostate cancer-specific death in the radical prostatectomy and radiotherapy groups compared to active surveillance.

Overall and regardless of treatment strategy, the risk of prostate cancer-specific death at 8.2 years after diagnosis for all 6849 patients was 17%.

Death from competing causes was 17.6% for the active surveillance group, 6.8% for the radical prostatectomy group and 10.9% for the radio therapy group.

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URO TODAY:  An “uncertainty management” model developed for people being treated for breast or prostate cancer has been revamped for those who chose active surveillance when diagnosed with prostate cancer. READ MORE>

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URO TODAY: Watchful waiting may not be a wise choice for younger men diagnosed with low risk prostate cancer, a new study suggests.

Our pathologic findings and risk of biochemical recurrence after open radical prostatectomy question the wisdom of active surveillance in men with low-risk disease who have “long” life expectancies. READ MORE>

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UPI: Prostate cancer patients who refuse treatment don’t do as well as those who choose radiation treatment, US researchers found. READ MORE>

Researchers at Henry Ford Hospital in Detroit found the 10-year overall survival rate for men who chose “watchful waiting” was 51 percent. It was 68 percent for those who had radiation treatment.

URO TODAY: And those on active surveillance are often reluctant to proceed with treatment because they fear erectile dysfunction. READ MORE>

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URO TODAY: Active surveillance protocols can be valuable when prostate cancer is managed well and treatment is recommended appropriately, according to two recent studies. READ MORE>

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URO TODAY: What do you do when you’re told you have prostate cancer – get treatment or wait and watch? A bunch of US experts have been debating the pros and cons of active surveillance. READ MORE>

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NEW PROSTATE CANCER INFOLINK: Evidence is growing that active surveillance – watchful waiting – is a viable option for men diagnosed with prostate cancer, but more long-term data is needed on survival rates. READ MORE>

“…these data – indicating that just 51 (11%) of 470 men in the Johns Hopkins active surveillance series have gone on to have a radical prostatectomy within roughly a 3-year follow-up period – continue to offer strong evidence of the potential of this management technique.

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URO TODAY: Current prostate cancer tests are not good enough to enable doctors to decide which patients should be left to active surveillance, a German study suggests. READ MORE>

This study points out the difficulty in choosing the appropriate patients to counsel regarding active surveillance. Clearly the current diagnostic tests are not adequate. Should the current prognostic factors be combined with new tests such PCA-3?

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URO TODAY: Testing for prostate cancer Gene 3 in urine from men under active surveillance is not on its own a useful predictor of disease progression. READ MORE>

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URO TODAY: Is leaving apparently low-grade prostate cancer alone and waiting to see what happens really a viable option? We can’t be sure until more research is done, says the “father” of PSA testing, Professor William Catalona. READ MORE>

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