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URO TODAY: Better follow-up care is needed for men recovering from prostate cancer treatment, a US study finds. READ MORE>

Nurses, as well as general practitioners, must play a more active role in follow-up to ensure that the men and their spouses receive better help and support.

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ABC NEWS: Many doctors are failing to recognise the effects that breast and prostate cancer have on a patient’s mental health, according to a recent study. READ MORE>

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URO TODAY: A new study has looked at the relationship between depression caused by prostate cancer and religious beliefs and spirituality. READ MORE>

When examining religiosity and spirituality, the main component that may help reduce depression is a sense of meaning and peace.

These results highlight the potential importance of developing a patient’s sense of meaning through activities/interventions (not exclusive to religious involvement) to achieve this goal.

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URO TODAY: Depression and cognitive loss are common in men on hormone therapy for prostate cancer and early treatment with anti-depressants is recommended, according to a paper on HT side effects presented at a conference in Turkey. READ MORE>

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URO TODAY: Despite evidence that older [prostate] cancer patients may cope more effectively than younger cancer patients, depressive symptoms remain an important concern for aging cancer patients. READ MORE>

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