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The "prostabus" and Queenstown's Remarkables on one of our rare fine days.

PROSTABLOG NZ:  This a brief bulletin from our campervan deep in the South Island of NZ, which seems to have been by-passed by summer.

The temperature as we sat outside in Dunedin having dinner last night was 8 degrees!

So far we’ve covered about 2000 kilometres around the bottom half of the island and now live a gypsy life, surrounded by rental campervans driven by holidaying couples and families from every part of the world.

Over the next few weeks I’ll post some of the photos I’ve been taking.

This blog, incidentally, continues to get about 300 hits a day and has drawn some nice feedback. Thank you to those who have contributed.

My health is good and any problems are related only to too many hours wrestling the wheel of the van in high winds (sore arms) or feeling a bit seedy in the mornings from too much fine Central Otago pinot noir the night before.

Oh, and one other piece of excellent news – we became grandparents for the first time on December 30 with the safe arrival of “Sparky” Tucker to Megan and our son Kirk.

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I’m over prostate cancer.

I’m not claiming to be cured. It’s just that spending three or more hours a day monitoring, translating and posting on the prostate cancer web discourse is no longer viable.

The blog is parked for now, although this does not seem to have made any difference to the interest shown: hits still average 300 a day (nearly 400 some days), even though I haven’t posted anything much for a fortnight.

This suggests the site has a life of its own, which is kind of weird, but saves me from being a slave to the PC.

One word may explain the continued traffic – “CATHETER”. When I look at tag terms (key words) that attract people to Prostablog, “catheter” averages about 100 a day, with whatever is next ranking in single figures. READ MORE>

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BUZZ MACHINE: Incontinence and impotence are two frightening words for a grown man, but they are the side-effects of removing the prostate and its cancer with it, writes US media blogger Jeff Jarvis in a blog he calls the “penis post”. READ MORE>

Worth the price, or at least that’s the calculation one makes beforehand: Cancer or erections? Cancer or dry underwear? Cancer loses.

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Prostablog NZ: We’re back on line after a house move that went pretty much according to plan – apart from torrential rain as the packers’ truck arrived.

Main thing is, the cat’s happy (see photo above). His new cat flap is transparent, so he can survey the lie of the land for other cats without actually venturing out. Bliss!

The odd thing is, views of this website have not dropped noticeably during the five days we’ve been off line. In fact, tonight’s hits are way up on a week ago.

Is there something about blogging I don’t know?

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This blog will be a bit dormant for a few days.

Prostablog (and Mrs P) are moving house.

It’s a nightmare, of course. There are boxes that have not been unpacked from the last move five years ago, so you can imagine the packing stresses going on in the Prostablog household.

Be back soon.

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PROSTABLOG NZ: Readership of this blog has shifted recently – now for the first time more Kiwis look at it than Americans.

Since the start of Prostablog in April, the most page uploads have come from the US, at times exceeding 50%, while the second biggest group, NZers, sometimes languished below 25%.

However, in the past week, NZ followers have passed those from the US. As the stats chart (for the last 2000 views) shows, in the past few days 38.65% of views came from here, with the US audience dropping to 36.2%.

Way below are those from the UK (4.6%), Canada (3.35%) and Australia (2.95%).

HitsOtct6 2009As I write this, the page upload total is 23,441, averaging about 200 a day these days.

The main message is: well done Kiwis – you’re catching up to the online savvy of Americans. And Americans – don’t go away.

MapOtct6 2009

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DanaJenningsNEW YORK TIMES: Depression – a possible aftermath of treatment for a quarter of cancer patients – is described in graphic terms by Dana Jennings, a NYT editor who’s a year into treatment for prostate cancer.

He writes:

I’m depressed.

I’m recovering well from an aggressive case of prostate cancer, I haven’t had any treatment in months, and all of my physical signposts of health are pointing in the right direction. Still, I’m depressed. READ MORE>

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