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NEW PROSTATE CANCER INFOLINK: The media and marketing arms of some prostate cancer organisations need to be reined in by the facts, with over-promotion of screening a real risk. READ MORE>

Roswell Park Cancer Institute really is one of the best cancer care centers in the nation, but some people in their health education and communication departments need to sit down and look carefully at the available data and make sure that their media partners are not over-promising on what they are promoting.

FOOTNOTE: Prostablog spent about 10 minutes on the Roswell Park Cancer Institute website trying to find out where it is in the US, but it was a fruitless quest. The website is as dysfunctional as…well, you know what. It may be in Buffalo, New York, but don’t quote us. Another case of the media department failing in its role…

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PROSTABLOG NZ: Researchers have found a way for doctors to predict aggressive prostate cancer, according to a story on a website called EMAX HEALTH.

If only.

In fact, the discovery is nothing of the kind, and that becomes obvious in the last sentence:

MRI was able to help diagnose hidden prostate tumours 87 percent of the time in 31 men studied, and could help predict aggressive prostate cancer in a large percentage of men.

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JULY 17: ELEMENTS4HEALTH.COM:  It’s no wonder that men who have read the recent stories circulating about soy are confused. Some stories claim that soy foods, such as tofu and soy milk, can lead to breast growth. Other stories tout the benefits of soy, suggesting soy may help protect against prostate cancer. READ MORE>

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JULY 4: URO TODAY: US researchers claim to have developed a patient-specific, biology-driven tool to predict outcome at the time of prostate cancer diagnosis. READ MORE>

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JUNE 23: NEW PROSTATE CANCER INFOLINK: A lot more evidence is needed – specifically including randomised, double-blind, controlled trials – to prove a substance found in green tea, Polyphenon E, prevents prostate cancer. READ MORE>

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JUNE 23: HEALTHDAY NEWS: Taking over-the-counter painkillers such as aspirin and ibuprofen might help men avoid prostate problems. READ MORE>

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JUNE 19: WORLD LATEST NEWS.COM: A substance from the root of a flower growing in many gardens may cure prostate cancer, says Germany’s cancer-science council. READ MORE>

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