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Don't be shy, doc - digitally examine me.

PROSTABLOG:  This is a joke, right – a NZ contest will be launched this week to rate men’s bum cracks as part of this year’s Blue September prostate cancer awareness campaign?

Am I being prudish, or will this seriously help persuade a man to go to his GP and ask for a prostate cancer checkup…that will involve the doctor performing a digital exam?

Digital exam – polite language for sticking a finger up your “bum crack” to feel the prostate for signs of cancer.

Isn’t convincing men the digital exam is no threat to their masculinity one of the big problems of prostate awareness?

Are we so far along the path of overcoming macho resistance (read homophobia) that we can joke about this in a serious awareness campaign?

Doubt it.

A story in today’s Sunday Star-Times newspaper announcing the bum crack contest said:

THEY CAN be seen on building sites throughout the country, are the bane of women’s lives and probably the delight of men’s – yes, the humble builder’s crack is again demanding attention.

A cheeky Auckland advertising agency has come up with a novel campaign called Rate My Crack in order to raise awareness for Blue September – the major awareness campaign of the Prostate Cancer Foundation of New Zealand.

The online campaign asks builders, both male and female, to take photos of their workmate’s rear end as it spills out of their jeans and send it in to be judged by the online community.

The owner of the winning ‘‘bum cleavage’’ will receive $1000 to spend at a Placemakers store.

Leighton Dyer, of Rascal advertising agency, said the company was looking for a light-hearted way to raise the profile of a serious disease.

He was not concerned the campaign would offend any sensitive souls – and he expected more than 90% of the entries to be from men.

Website http://www.ratemycrack.co.nz will go live on Tuesday.

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PROSTABLOG NZ: Wellington freelance writer Ruth Nichol has published her investigation into cancer screening in the latest NZ Listener magazine.

It’s an excellent read.

Buy the mag to read it all. Here are a couple of pages:

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hopperwebberPROSTABLOG NZ: Celebrity prostate cancer is big at the moment: in the same week we heard Andrew Lloyd Webber (right) has it, there’s now an announcement Dennis Hopper (at left, star of iconic Baby Boomer movie Easy Rider) is afflicted. READ MORE> and HERE>

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THEORIZING MACULINITY (BLOG): “While breast cancer and prostate cancer are both very serious issues that can affect anyone, at any age, with any health history, I just wish they both received the same attention,” writes Amanda in South Carolina, US. READ MORE>

How many of you knew that September was Prostate Cancer Awareness Month? Personally, I had no idea.

Now that it’s Breast Cancer month we will see everything from yogurt container lids to lipsticks packaged in a lovely shade of pink to help raise awareness about breast cancer, but why doesn’t this happen in September for prostate cancer?

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DanaJenningsNEW YORK TIMES: Depression – a possible aftermath of treatment for a quarter of cancer patients – is described in graphic terms by Dana Jennings, a NYT editor who’s a year into treatment for prostate cancer.

He writes:

I’m depressed.

I’m recovering well from an aggressive case of prostate cancer, I haven’t had any treatment in months, and all of my physical signposts of health are pointing in the right direction. Still, I’m depressed. READ MORE>

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PSA RISING.COM: Is the Lockerbie bomber really dying of prostate cancer, or was his emergency dash to hospital in the back of a police car just staged for effect? A UK TV reporter who went into the ward to find out has his doubts. READ MORE>

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SUNDAY HERALD (SCOTLAND): Suspicions are growing about the prostate cancer medical evidence used to justify the release of the man convicted of the Lockerbie bombing. READ MORE>

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