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AUGUST 1: PROSTABLOG NZ: The NZ government is about to hold a parliamentary inquiry into prostate cancer screening and treatment – so what should the prostate community tell them?

Complete this poll if you want to get your message across:

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wordpress-ap-23-091IT’S always difficult to interpret the goings-on of the web.

But it may be worth mentioning that today Prostablog made it to the first page of Google world-wide under “prostate” and was judged number ONE “most relevant” prostate blog out of more than 8000 on WordPress.

I think that’s encouraging. Hard to know for sure.

I recall that in its early days, the blog didn’t appear anywhere on the first 30 pages of Google prostate searches, and even then it made it only because Steven Price gave me a kind plug on his Media Law Journal site.

Prosta-blog, launched on April 1, made its 100th post today and recently has been averaging about 70 to 80 hits a day from around the world.

But so far things are slow in terms of comments (none from NZ), votes on the poll about whether we should have government-funded screening, and requests to join the NZ Prostate Discussion Group.

The latter will take a while, according to a member of the New Prostate Cancer Info-Link discussion group in the US, who says Mike, the very hard-working site admin guy, needed a year to amass the membership and active forums you see there today.

I’ve joined his groups. They’re excellent, because you can go in and read (and contribute) to threads that relate to your own experience.

For example, other men talk about things that scared them (and me) like blood in the urine, what to do with your first erection (don’t touch it for three months, one guy was warned by his urologist – that’s one helluva prolonged erection. Just kidding), how weight loss is sometimes an after-effect of radical prostatectomy, etc.

It’s bloody reassuring to know you’re not the only one to experience these things.

Alone-ness is the biggest psychological enemy as you move through recovery, because there’s only so many times you can ring up your surgeon or other medics to ask if such-and-such is “normal”.

The more time I spend doing this blog, the more I’m learning about the disease. Seems to me, we have a way to go here in NZ before we can be confident that enough is being done to publicise this scourge in all its challenging details.

Help me out here – pass the word on about Prosta-blog. I intend to keep it going with daily updates on PC news even after I have to go back to earning a living in late May.

In my own time, of course, boss.

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