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TV EYEWITNESS NEWS: Eyewitness News followed the story of a wife who helped her husband, and herself, navigate the rocks and shoals of prostate cancer by being the best version of her. READ MORE>

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BLOGGING WOMEN: Partners of men who have prostate cancer often have a hard time getting advice and support. Now there’s a website specifically designed to help, called hisprostatecancer.com READ MORE>

Here’s a typical entry:

Coping with emotions when your loved one has prostate cancer is a day-by-day experience. Your feelings may change from hour to hour, or minute- to-minute, on any given day.

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PROSTABLOG NZ: John has now moved to the stage of needing chemotherapy for his advanced prostate cancer, but the government-subsidised version in NZ has been surpassed by a more effective drug – at $5000 a dose. That’s way beyond Mary’s bank balance. READ MORE>

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AFTERCANCERNOWWHAT.COM: The wives of men with prostate cancer tend to worry more about the cancer recurring than the patients themselves, say researchers at the Mount Sinai Medical Center in the US. READ MORE>

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JohnMary1JULY 10: PROSTABLOG NZ: “It’s sad that medical professionals in NZ are so scared of possible side effects from a treatment like Ketoconazole, that they refuse to even acknowledge it, even if it has been proven to be effective overseas.”

These words were written today by Mary – a Kiwi whose partner has advanced prostate cancer – as she describes the frustration of being unable to persuade NZ doctors to move outside what seem to her to be inflexible approaches to treatment.

“I produced prostate cancer digests from people I know who have had large drops in PSA on Keto, but I was told I know only a few people and trials showing side effects have been done on thousands,” she says.

“When I said I would like to see the papers on this, I was told I was not a doctor…and to this I respond “no, but I am the partner of a man with advanced cancer.”

READ the second chapter of Mary’s struggle to save her man.

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JUNE 18: NEW YORK TIMES: Since November, New York Times writer Dana Jennings has been sharing stories about coping with an aggressive form of prostate cancer. His wife, Deborah, is often featured and regularly joins in the reader discussions. She now talks about her own experience as the wife of a man with prostate cancer. READ MORE>

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