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URO TODAY: More US men were diagnosed with prostate cancer at a younger age and earlier stage in 2004-2005 than in earlier years and the racial disparity in cancer stage at diagnosis has decreased statistically significantly over time. READ MORE>

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JULY 7: URO TODAY: Age at diagnosis among men with prostate cancer continues to drop, according to new research. READ MORE>

Younger men are more likely to undergo prostatectomy, have lower grade cancer, and, as a group, to have better overall and equivalent cancer-specific survival at 10 years compared with older men.

However, among men with high grade and locally advanced prostate cancer, the youngest men had a particularly poor prognosis compared with older men.

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MAY 23: E-CANCER MEDICAL SCIENCE:  While young men with prostate cancer have a low risk of dying early, those with advanced forms of cancer do not live as long as older men with similar forms of the disease. READ MORE>

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