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URO TODAY: Older men (75+) with health insurance, or who are satisfied with life, or always had emotional support are significantly more likely to get a regular PSA test for cancer, US researchers report. READ MORE>

However, men who had no routine health checkup; were divorced, widowed, or separated; or had less than a high school education were significantly less likely to report having had a PSA test

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URO TODAY: Patients of low socio-economic class were found to be at increased risk of dying as a result of their prostate cancer, say Swiss researchers. READ MORE>

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HULIQ NEWS: Prostate cancer patients of low socio-economic status are more likely to die than patients with higher incomes, according to a new study from Swiss researchers. READ MORE>

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JULY 23: NEW PROSTATE CANCER INFOLINK: Researchers in Califorinia have done detailed detailed analysis of the relationship between socio-economic status and prostate cancer among African-Americans, non-Hispanic Whites, Hispanics, and Asian/Pacific Islanders. READ MORE>

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