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WINNIPEG FREE PRESS: A Winnipeg medical diagnostic company has developed a new kit that could make it easier to diagnose patients with prostate cancer. READ MORE>

The new prostate-cancer kit, which took several years to develop, measures the amount of a particular amino acid protein – called PSP94 – in a urine sample from a patient.

PSP94 is found in the cells of the prostate, and there’s a growing body of medical evidence to suggest men with prostate cancer have reduced levels of it in their urine.

But the company, Miraculins, said further research is also needed to confirm the validity of PSP94 as a biomarker for prostate cancer.


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URO TODAY: Urine samples that show higher levels of PCA3 – a prostate-specific messenger gene – could be an accurate indication of prostate cancer, Italian researchers report. READ MORE>

Our results indicate that the PCA3 score is a valid tool for prostate cancer detection and its role in making better biopsy decisions.

This marker [helps] to discriminate patients who have to undergo biopsy from patients who only need be actively surveilled: Quantitative PCA3 score is correlated with the probability of a positive result at biopsy.

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URO TODAY: A new urine test may be able to discern how serious prostate cancer is, and save men having unnecessary biopsies. READ MORE>

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URO TODAY: Testing for prostate cancer Gene 3 in urine from men under active surveillance is not on its own a useful predictor of disease progression. READ MORE>

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URO TODAY: Hopes for a urine test to tell how serious prostate cancer might be remain just that, following a new study just reported. READ MORE>

The predictive value of PCA3 for prostate cancer aggressiveness features as reported in earlier studies cannot be confirmed in our study. Experimental differences (urine sediments v whole urine) and cohort may explain this.

The exact place of PCA3 as prognostic test for prostate cancer remains the subject of investigation.

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URO TODAY: Emerging urine tests should help in both early diagnosis of prostate cancer and identifying aggressive tumors for radical treatment. READ MORE>

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JULY 29: URO TODAY: Analysis of an enzyme in men’s urine may provide a new way to diagnose metastatic prostate cancer, a new study suggests. READ MORE>

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