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AMERICAN MEDICAL NETWORK: A project involving 13 research institutions will embark on a multi-million dollar project to find biological pathways to better treat prostate cancer. READ MORE>

Researchers at the USC Norris Comprehensive Cancer Center have received a $12 million National Cancer Institute grant to lead a multi-institution international project aimed at identifying new biological pathways critical to the development and potential treatment of prostate cancer.

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MEDICAL NEWS TODAY: In trying to better predict a patient’s response to chemotherapy, a team of investigators at the State University of New Jersey has identified a way to better manipulate a gene product to cause cancer cells to die. READ MORE>

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WEB-MED: Using gene therapy, researchers have re-educated patients’ own immune systems to attack prostate tumors in the body. In the first two patients treated, the experimental treatment reduced PSA levels by 50% to 75%. READ MORE>

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NEWS, ARTICLES & MEDICAL JOURNALS: Gene therapy comes as a powerful approach to specifically treat advanced prostate cancer, say the authors of a Brazilian research paper called Molecular Aspects of Prostate Cancer: Implications for future directions. READ MORE>

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