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WASHINGTON EXAMINER.COM:  Here’s a well-written article on the current US debate about how much a life is worth – more specifically, how much the government Medicare scheme and health insurers pay out for cancer drugs that prolong life for a few months. READ MORE>

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MARKETWIRE:  The approval of Dendreon’s prostate cancer vaccine Provenge in April was a boon for a nascent cancer vaccine industry that had suffered several setbacks, and should lead to an influx of market opportunities and a surge in regulatory activity. READ MORE>

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KANSASCITY.COM:  Researchers can cite anecdotes of cancer patients given months to live who have survived 15 years or longer after receiving vaccines, but so far conclusive evidence from large clinical trials is scant. READ MORE>

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WALL ST JOURNAL: New wonder drug for treating advanced prostate cancer, Provenge, is finally making money for its manufacturer, Dendreon Corp. READ MORE>

Since the $93,000 treatment was launched at the beginning of May, doctors have written 500 prescriptions for the treatment, the company disclosed.

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ABC NEWS: The new US wonder drug for treating advanced prostate cancer – Provenge – extends life about four months – at a cost of $NZ130,000 ($US93,000).

The makers say it took 15 years to develop, at a cost of $US1.2 billion. READ MORE> and MORE>

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WALL ST JOURNAL: The US government says it will begin analysis on whether the Dendreon company’s expensive immunotherapy treatment for prostate cancer – Provenge – is “reasonable and necessary.” READ MORE> (you need to subscribe)

The answer to that debate – the latest hurdle in Dendreon’s push to get Provenge used – will affect sales of the costly treatment.

If the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services covers it, that would increase the number of patients eligible and likely prompt private insurers to do the same. A denial by CMS could severely stifle the product’s growth.

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BLOOMBERG: Prostate cancer patients seeking Dendreon Corp’s new tumour-fighting vaccine, Provenge, face delays of a year or more as hospital waiting lists dwarf the company’s capacity to produce medicine. READ MORE>

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