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JohnMary1JULY 10: PROSTABLOG NZ: “It’s sad that medical professionals in NZ are so scared of possible side effects from a treatment like Ketoconazole, that they refuse to even acknowledge it, even if it has been proven to be effective overseas.”

These words were written today by Mary – a Kiwi whose partner has advanced prostate cancer – as she describes the frustration of being unable to persuade NZ doctors to move outside what seem to her to be inflexible approaches to treatment.

“I produced prostate cancer digests from people I know who have had large drops in PSA on Keto, but I was told I know only a few people and trials showing side effects have been done on thousands,” she says.

“When I said I would like to see the papers on this, I was told I was not a doctor…and to this I respond “no, but I am the partner of a man with advanced cancer.”

READ the second chapter of Mary’s struggle to save her man.

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JUNE 28: NEW PROSTATE CANCER INFOLINK: Those who receive salvage brachytherapy report a worsening of bowel and urinary symptoms followed by some improvement at 2-3 years of follow-up, while sexual function steadily declines over time. READ MORE>

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JUNE 20: DINTZ.COM: Two Mayo Clinic patients whose prostate cancer had been considered inoperable are now cancer free thanks in part to an experimental drug therapy that was used in combination with standardised hormone treatment and radiation therapy. The men were participating in a clinical trial of an immuno-therapeutic agent called MDX-010 or ipilimumab. READ MORE>

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JUNE 16: URO TODAY: Preventive measures against adverse effects and careful assessment of a patient’s baseline health status should be considered when using androgen deprivation therapy, say researchers in Texas. They found ADT is associated with an increased risk of skeletal fracture, incident diabetes, and cardiovascular-related mortality, although the absolute risk of these events is low. READ MORE>

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JUNE 13: CANCER CONSULTANTS.COM: Researchers report that treatment with human antibody denosumab significantly reduces the incidence of bone fracture in prostate cancer patients on androgen deprivation therapy. READ MORE>

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JUNE 11: NEW ENGLAND JOURNAL OF MEDICINE: Trials have been initiated that should address many of the questions surrounding hormone treatment for prostate cancer within the next decade, writes Peter Albertsen in the latest edition of NEJM.

“Until then, androgen-deprivation therapy for clinically localized disease should be limited primarily to men with advanced localized disease undergoing radiation therapy and to men with clear signs of systemic disease.

“These are the patients most likely to benefit from either symptom relief or increased survival that would justify the compromise in quality of life that is associated with androgen-deprivation therapy.”

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JUNE 11: URO TODAY: After the diagnosis of biochemical recurrence, it is critical to perform a timely clinical assessment…Prompt initiation of salvage therapy may prevent subsequent clinical progression and prostate cancer-specific mortality. READ MORE>

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