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ASSOCIATED PRESS: Screening for prostate cancer will not be included in President Obama’s new preventive health insurance next year. READ MORE>

New health insurance policies beginning on or after September 23 must cover — without charge — preventive care that’s backed up by the best scientific evidence. Most people will see this benefit, part of the Obama administration’s health care overhaul, starting January 1.

The list includes tests strongly recommended by the US Preventive Services Task Force, an independent advisory panel that evaluates research.

Of note for men: Screening for prostate cancer isn’t included on the list because its benefits haven’t been conclusively shown by the best research, at least to the high level required by the law.

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ASSOCIATED PRESS:  One of the biggest challenges facing modern medicine is the dilemma raised by the early detection of cancer.

Nowhere is the disconnect more obvious than with prostate cancer screening. Most men over 50 have had a PSA blood test to check for it even though major medical groups don’t recommend routine PSAs, worried they may do more harm than good for the average man. READ MORE>

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JULY 12: ASSOCIATED PRESS: Johnson & Johnson says it has completed its $US893.7 million acquisition of Cougar Biotechnology Inc, a development stage company that is testing a potential vaccine for prostate cancer. Los Angeles-based Cougar is conducting two late stage clinical trials of abiraterone acetate as a treatment for prostate cancer. READ MORE>

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May 1: HEALTH NEWS REVIEW.ORG: Comments on AP story from the American Urological Association annual meeting on April 27 – Number needed to treat given, but cost analysis was not. 71 men x 365 days/yr. x 7 yrs. x $3/pill = $544,215 to prevent a single case of prostate cancer!! Why doesn’t that info make it into the story?..  READ MORE>

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