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PROSTABLOG NZ: This is a very special post – the one thousandth for Prostablog since we launched on April 1, 2009.

It’s special because I’ve reserved it for a brave and resilient couple, Kim and Brian, whose saga with prostate cancer brought tears to the eyes of every person in the Select Committee room at the NZ Parliamentary inquiry into prostate cancer this week.

I’ve never met Kim Cook. We’ve spoken on the phone just a couple of times.

But I know a lot about her from the way she has written for Prostablog over the past winter months.

Her story (entitled John and Mary’s story) is about the struggle she and partner Brian have faced getting treatment for his cancer, which is now advanced.

Kim said she wanted something to come out of their battle: how could she get her message across about the frustrations some prostate patients face with the medical system in NZ?

What better way than to tell the story to the Health Select Committee on the first day of its hearings.

They had already had about 10,000 words from her in a written submission.

What came on Wednesday, via phone teleconference (because Brian was not up to the trip from Auckland to Wellington), was a gritty, emotional but devastatingly precise introduction to their story.

Kim’s voice broke only once, near the end, when she talked of crying herself to sleep most nights.

MPs, reporters, audience, dabbed their eyes at this point.

It was important for the MPs on the committee to hear from this brave woman.

It was a reality check for them, a respite from the mostly dispassionate testimony of medics and bureaucrats.

Kim, Prostablog salutes you.

CLICK HERE to see what Kim said.

FOOTNOTE: prostablog has come a long way from the first days of April, when views were lucky to hit double figures.

Yesterday we had nearly 400 page uploads, the most for a single day. So far.

As I write this, I see that 21,278 people have taken a look since we launched. Probably, it’s a lot more than that, since direct RSS feeds are not recorded.

The most recent indication we have “arrived” was a request from a New York robotic prostatecomy clinic to please put a link to their website on our home page. Happy to oblige.

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