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MAY 21: PROSTABLOG NZ:  The Kiwi rowing team, Rowing For Prostate, is close to second place again in the Indian Ocean Rowing Race, just three miles behind the women’s four, Pura Vida.

The latter slipped off the pace and lost their 110-mile lead to Bexhill Trust Challenger a few days ago and have now been caught up by Prostate.

All four leaders made little progress in the 24 hours to 6pm yesterday, averaging in the low 20s, rather than more than twice that managed on most days.

rowMay21 1

The reason was 30-knot winds and 6m waves, which have made it difficult for the boats to make any headway.

Bexhill has a 100-mile lead over Pura Vida and Prostate, with the eights, Aud Eamus, only 8o miles further back.

The six boats left in the race have been at sea for 32 days and have several hundred miles to go to reach halfway between Western Australia and the destination, Mauritius.rowMay21 2

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MAY 14: PROSTABLOG NZ:  Kiwi-registered rowing four Rowing For Prostate remains neck-and-neck  with Bexhill Trust in a fight for second in the Indian Ocean Rowing Race, both of them 100 miles behind the women’s four, Pura Vida.

The eights, Aud Eamus, continues to gain slowly, while the only solo rower, Simon Prior, has been caught in currents which have put him to the back of the seven-boat field.

The race website reports the following about the NZ entry:

For Boat No. 5, Rowing for Prostate, the past couple of days has brought mixed emotions.  Power problems together with a water-maker that drained any power left in the batteries has forced the crew to revert to their manual water-maker – a unit loaned to the team by Woodvale Challenge.

Adding pumping time to their already tight shift schedule has left the crew exhausted and team moral low. 

However, 24 hours on and this punishing routine had enabled the crew to pump 20 litres of fresh water, enough to replenish the fresh ballast water that they had been forced to break into and their batteries have recharged to 50% capacity. 

Another couple of days on this routine should hopefully enable the use of the electric water-maker once again and the team to revert focus back to catching the two Fours teams just ahead of them.

The field has been at sea 25 days and has another 50 or so to go to reach Mauritius.

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