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THE WELLINGTONIAN: A story and picture reporting Sunday’s Blue September dawn walk appear in today’s edition of one of the Wellington city community newspapers, The Wellingtonian. Big thanks to editor Joseph Romanos.


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PROSTABLOG NZ: One of the icons of this year’s Blue September prostate awareness campaign – former All Black captain Buck Shelford (left) – will be in Porirua early this Friday at a fund-raising barbeque.

He’s special guest at the event being staged by the city’s Placemakers store.

A number of Placemakers staff members will be shaving their heads to help raise money for the prostate Cancer Foundation of NZ, for whom Blue September is the annual awareness event.

Buck and the BBQ kick off at 7am.

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FACE ART: Neel and Kate get ready to walk.

PROSTABLOG NZ: Dozens turned out to a perfect Wellington dawn today to walk in remembrance of those who have died from prostate cancer.

They took part in the Capital city’s Blue September Dawn Walk, one of three around the country organised by the Prostate Cancer Foundation of NZ to boost prostate cancer awareness.

SEE slide show of pictures HERE>

The walkers started from a stand outside Freyberg Pool on Oriental Parade and trekked around one of the scenic paths on the city side of Mt Victoria, a leisurely hour-long trek.

They included young people who had lost relatives to the disease, and several men who have undergone treatment, one as recently as six weeks ago.

WellDawn14 Surgeon Rod Studd

BLUE SURGEON: Urologist Rodney Studd gets a blue koru from Geoff Burton.

For two of the walkers (including this writer), it was a chance to compare notes about recent surgery.

Then, by coincidence, the surgeon who did both operations earlier this year, Rodney Studd, happened along on a walk with his children.

Like most of the participants, Rod had his face adorned with a couple of blue koru by walk organiser Geoff Burton, of MWC Media.

WellDawn16 - Lene Sipili, Parade Cafe manager

FREE COFFEE: Lene Sipili serves up drinks.

The bravest man of the day was John Russell.

He was walking into the nearby pool in just his togs when he agreed to endure the early morning chill to have his body and face decorated.

One of the most popular men was Lene Sipili, manager of the Parade Cafe, over the street from the Freyberg Pool.

He and his staff served free coffees for all those who took part in the morning event.

For Paula and her dog Annie, attending the walk was something of an accident – she thought it was a rally for Corgis.

Geoff Burton made sure the friendly Corgi got into the spirit of the morning – with a blue stripe on her head, just out of reach of her tongue.

Walks were also staged in Auckland, starting from Totara Park in Manurewa, and in Napier, where the dawn was delayed to a more leisurely 10am.

For more video of today’s Wellington walk, CLICK HERE>


DAWN DAWNS: Setting up for the walk.


DAWN WALKING: The Wellington strollers set off along Oriental Parade.


PROSTATE DOGS - no, actually, they're all females.

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Paul Hutchison


PROSTABLOG NZ: MP Paul Hutchison – chair of the upcoming Parliamentary inquiry into prostate cancer – is making no secret of where his sympathies lie when it comes to increasing awareness of the disease.

He will be one of the Blue September prostate cancer “dawn walkers” in Manukau City this weekend.

His allegiance to the cause of reducing confusion about prostate cancer and advice given to men was strongly established earlier this month when he published an opinion piece in the Capital city’s morning newspaper, the Dominion Post.



In that, he called the present situation “untenable”.

His stance contrasts strongly with at least one other member of the Health Select Committee, Green list MP Kevin Hague, who called it a waste of time as soon as it was announced in June.

Dr Hutchison’s tramp through early morning Auckland will be on one of three dawn walks for Blue September that kick off at 7am this Sunday – in Wellington, Napier and Manukau City.

The Wellington one starts at the Freyberg Pool in Oriental Parade, the Napier jaunt from the Soundshell in Marine Parade, and the Auckland one goes from Totara Park in Manurewa.

Particpants are encouraged to turn up in blue clothing and wearing blue face paint, like that worn by the campaign’s celebrity figureheads, Buck Shelford, Paul Holmes, and TVNZ reporter John Sellwood.


WELLERS DAWN WALK: Around Mt Vic - 7am Sunday - start at Freyberg Pool.

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image002PROSTABLOG NZ: A dawn walk organised by the Prostate Cancer Foundation will start from Wellington’s Freyberg Pool on Oriental Pde at 7am this Sunday (September 13).

Wellingtonians are urged to turn out in the customary Blue September face paint, wear something blue, and make a gold coin donation.

The Blue September Dawn Walk is an initiative to honour those who have had prostate cancer and also remember those who have passed away from it.

About 600 Kiwi men a year die from prostate cancer, but this number can be reduced by us all facing up to the need to be checked, says the Foundation.

For more information, contact Mel Burton: mel@mwcmedia.co.nz or phone 09-522-8607 or 021-269-2205.


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THE GOVMONITOR.COM: “NOW, therefore, I, Barack Obama, President of the United States of America, by virtue of the authority vested in me by the Constitution and laws of the United States, do hereby proclaim September 2009 as National Prostate Cancer Awareness Month.” READ MORE> and HERE>

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PROSTABLOG NZ: Canned food giant Wattie’s is doing its bit to support the NZ Prostate Cancer Foundation’s Blue September campaign by donating 5c a can from every sale of Wattie’s canned tomato sauce and Wattie’s canned tomato products featuring the Blue September label. READ MORE>


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PROSTABLOG NZ: Blue September got off to a roar – literally – at Kaiwharawhara Placemakers in Wellington – thanks to the throaty sounds of a Cobra sports car.

Darren (no surname please – someone might steal the car) and partner Deanne (she has one, too) turned out at the Placemakers carpark this morning to help publicise Blue September, which has awareness events going on throughout NZ for the next month.

CobraAug2909 6

Darren shows Placemakers staff member Jeff Clode how to climb into the cockpit.

Darren – who’s just reached 40 and will get his first PSA test soon – is a prominent member of the Cobra Club of NZ.

Other members’ cars are out in force in various parts of the country to take the prostate screening message to as many people as possible.

Darren – whose Cobra 454 is the last one made by fabled Cobra builder Graham Berry, and is pushed along by a 600 horse power V8 – has a reward he wants to give men who get themselves screened in September.

Anyone who can show they’ve been to a GP for testing will go into a draw for a fast trip in the Cobra to the Rimutaka Hill and back.

The only condition is they pick a fine day: the Cobra does not go out in the wet.

CobraAug2909 21

CobraAug2909 20Apart from drawing the attention of visitors to Placemakers, Darren’s machine caused a gleam in the eye of one staff member.

David Cobbett (pictured above) sidled over during a break to drool – and show his collection of car drawings.

David  is so accomplished, Darren (who runs a sign-writing business) said he was sure he could find him some work.

The Cobras turned out in numbers in Christchurch, as shown here:



Christchurch Prostate Cancer Foundation member Ans Parder shows defiance.

CobraAug2909 16

Placemakers' David Cobbett behind the wheel in Wellington - above and below.

CobraAug2909 17

CobraAug2909 7

Darren (left), with Jeff Clode at the wheel.

CobraAug2909 8

Where 600 horses reside.

CobraAug2909 13

Deanna in Darren's Cobra - but she also has one of her own.

CobraAug2909 15

Darren and machine.

CobraAug2909 11

Ian Morrison pretends he's not scared.

CobraAug2909 9

Lin Tucker decides this is for her.

CobraAug2909 12

Doreen Morrison has the right shades.

CobraAug2909 10

Jim Tucker imagining he's young enough to drive this beast.

CobraAug2909 4

COBRA at Wellington Kaiwharawhara Placemakers, from left: Darren, Lin Tucker, Doreen and Ian Morrison, and Deanna.

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CobraMANUKAU COURIER: Cobra cars, Harley Davidson motorbikes and blue-dressed Mainfreight trucks will blast into Manukau this Sunday to launch the Prostate Cancer Foundation’s Blue September. READ MORE> and Details of the event>

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BlueNudeSTUFF: Blue September seems to have arrived early in Wellington, if this photo is anything to go by.

The NZ Prostate Foundation’s new fund-raising branding – Blue September – probably has nothing to do with Wellington waterfront’s famous nude man statue being daubed.

But as a precursor for next month’s nationwide prostate awareness campaign it couldn’t have come at a better time. READ MORE>

More news about Blue September HERE>

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