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MAY 30: PROSTABLOG NZ:  The partner of a NZ man with advancing prostate cancer says the public health system can’t test him for bone deterioration for at least year.  FULL STORY HERE>

Meantime, he goes untreated for osteoporosis, a well-known side effect of treatment he has been receiving for two years for his prostate cancer, which is now showing signs of spreading.

He was diagnosed in 2007 and hormone therapy since then kept signs of cancer spread in check.

But hormone therapy (as well as possibly causing bone deterioration) works for only a limited time, and now his prostate specific antigen levels are rapidly increasing, a sign the treatment is no longer effective.

The couple was told by his public health doctor a bone test could not be done for at least a year because 0f the long waiting list in the public health system.

Despite not being wealthy, they have abandoned the public system in desperation to get help from a private specialist.

In her story – published in full on the page titled John and Mary’s prostate saga – she tells of her quest for empowerment in dealing with the medical system.

Recently, she joined the US-based New Prostate Cancer Info-Link social network, where the expert sitemaster has offered some advice.

While he says the doctors were undoubtedly doing their best, one conclusion to be drawn is NZ is way behind the US when it comes to treating prostate cancer.

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