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BUZZ MACHINE: Media blogger Jeff Jarvis has had great news from his medics after analysis of his prostate following removal – but his doctor is unwise to tell him he’s cured. READ MORE>

My surgeon called with the results of the pathology report on my prostate cancer. “It’s all good news,” he said. The cancer was contained to the prostate and had not spread to the lymph nodes.

“As far as I’m concerned,” he said, “you’re cured.”

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BUZZ MACHINE: Top new media blogger Jeff Jarvis describes his very recent prostate cancer surgery: READ MORE>

Few of you should care but for those who do, here’s a chronicle of my experience in robotic surgery for prostate cancer. I post it here mainly for the ongoing Google value to those who follow me into the O.R.

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BUZZ MACHINE: “As I prepare to go under the robot on Monday, I’ve found that the process includes drugstore embarrassments. They’ve only just begun,” writes Jeff Jarvis four days out from his prostatectomy. READ MORE>

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