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URO TODAY:  Abiraterone acetate is a promising treatment for advanced prostate cancer patients and is being tested in a Phase III trial for men with progressive castration-resistant prostate cancer who have  not had chemotherapy.

A Phase III trial for patients following prior chemotherapy has been completed and is awaiting analysis. READ MORE>

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MAY 12: DRUGS.COM: Three molecules associated with prostate cancer might provide the long-sought markers that could discern which tumours are life-threatening and need aggressive treatment, a new study indicates. READ MORE>

However, Mike Scott at New Prostate Cancer Info-Link warns it’s relatively easy to identify biomarkers associated with early stage or progressive prostate cancer,  but “much, much harder to show definitively that the presence or absence of such biomarkers is a clearly prognostic factor for a specific clinical or biological event in  the development or the progression prostate cancer from the first cell to the presence of castration-resistant disease.” READ MORE>

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