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URO TODAY: An experiment that combines a standard advanced prostate cancer drug treatment with a vaccine to assist the immune system has just begun in the US. READ MORE>

Looking to harness the body’s own immune system to target prostate cancer that has spread to the bones (metastatic) and is unresponsive to standard treatment, investigators have just launched a clinical trial combining vaccine and radiation drug therapy.

The goal is to see if disease progression will be further delayed by adding two different experimental injections to the standard treatment.

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NEW PROSTATE CANCER INFOLINK: Either maximal androgen blockade or hormonal monotherapy are reasonable choices for use in combination with brachytherapy in the management of men with intermediate- or high-risk prostate cancer, a retrospective study finds. READ MORE>

[But]…this study is only a retrospective analysis of database information. A prospective, randomised clinical trial (which has never been carried out as far as we are aware) might demonstrate a different outcome.

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PROSTABLOG NZ: John has now moved to the stage of needing chemotherapy for his advanced prostate cancer, but the government-subsidised version in NZ has been surpassed by a more effective drug – at $5000 a dose. That’s way beyond Mary’s bank balance. READ MORE>

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