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PROSTABLOG NZ: How best to advise doctors on what they should tell their patients about prostate cancer testing is a key issue facing the Parliamentary inquiry in NZ – but they’re not alone in their deliberations.

A global debate is going on about whether men are being properly counselled, whether they should be tested, whether they should even be told about testing.

A recent report in the US Archives of Internal Medicine referred to some Australian research produced last year that asked men about their doctor-patient discussions on prostate cancer. It’s worth revisiting:

Patient knowledge, interest in being screened, and anxiety associated with considering the benefits and limitations with prostate cancer screening may all influence the manner in which patients interact with their doctor and what role is adopted during the decision-making process. READ MORE> and HERE>

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PUB MED: Although US guidelines recommend discussing the risks and benefits of prostate cancer screening, physicians report varying practice styles. READ MORE>

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