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calcitrimJULY 31: PROSTABLOG NZ: Prostate cancer patients who think drinking calcium-fortified trim milkĀ  is a good way to maintain health need to read this.

In fact, the calcium milk (Calci-Trim in NZ) is the last thing prostate survivors should be touching, says leading Kiwi immunologist (and cancer survivor) Dr Richard Forster.

It’s quite the wrong thing to do, he told the NZ Prostate Cancer Foundation at its annual conference.

“Get your calcium from slow-release sources – like almonds,” he says. And go for soy milk.

Read more of Dr Forster’s advice – and how he and science colleague Dr Jim Watson are working on new treatments for advanced cancer – in Prostablog soon.

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JULY 29: PROSTABLOG NZ: Don’t waste your time eating raw tomato if your aim is to stave off prostate cancer, a leading NZ scientist says.

The tomato has to be cooked to do any good, immunologist Dr Richard Forster told the NZ prostate Cancer Foundation’s annual meeting in Napier last weekend.

Watch this website for a full report soon of what Dr Forster and his colleague Dr Jim Watson have to say about avoiding and treating prostate cancer.

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