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PROSTA DROP: What happened on July 7 to drive readers away?

PROSTABLOG NZ:  Who were those people – and what did they want?

I’m talking about 100 or more souls – most of them from the US – who seem suddenly to have stopped looking at this blog.

They may have rumbled me, of course.

For months now, I’ve been using the word “catheter” as a tag (key word) on every post, based on my observation late last year that “catheter” is the most popular search word used by people searching the web looking for prostate cancer stuff.

Every day for the last six months, in the list of terms people used to find this blog, “catheter” would have 100 more mentions than any other word.

A single post (of more than 1350 now) called “All quiet in the western ward…” for a long time got more visits than all other posts put together. It has a drawing of a catheter in it, as well as a picture of our cat and one of comedian Billy Connolly.

This all reached a climax in July 7, when Prostablog was visited by 470 people in a single day, the first time 400 had been exceeded.

But since then – people have stayed away in their droves.

BIG DAY: July 7, when Prostablog's readership hit the big time - then crashed.

The blog now averages just over 100 visits a day (down from 230), and the proportion from the US has dropped from 67% to about 45%.

So who were they? And why did they suddenly decide to go elsewhere?

Or has there been some interference from some eminence gris lurking somewhere on the world wide web?

Perhaps they all belonged to a catheter fetish organisation, which finally saw through my shallow ruse.

Anyway. it may not be a bad thing.

I notice those who stay reading Prostablog for more than a couple of seconds have increased from 10% to 25%, which is encouraging.

There’s a website in NZ called Open Parachute which ranks the 200 most popular blogs in the country. Prostablog made it to number 23 in June.

I expect we’ll be down the list a long way this month.

But, what the hell: I’d rather have you high quality readers than those other guys.

NOTE: Prostablog is heading for 100,000 hits since starting in April, 2009. At one stage earlier this month I thought we would make it by now, but I’ll revise that in view of what’s happened. Maybe we’ll hit the magic mark in a couple of months.

NOTE 2: I’ve used “catheter” as a tag for this post. Maybe one of the fetishists will see this and come forward to explain himself. Maybe not…

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