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MEDICAL NEWS TODAY:  The male hormone androgen may trigger the gene fusion that leads to the development of prostate cancer, according to US researchers. They found that pieces of chromosome that normally sit far apart, relocate near each other after exposure to androgen, and this sets the scene for the genes to fuse. READ MORE>

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URO TODAY: A  gene fusion common in cancer patients called TMPRSS2-ERG is associated with worse prognosis in men with prostate cancer, Harvard Medical School researchers have found, with higher tumor stage and tumor-specific death or metastasis. READ MORE>

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JULY 29: URO TODAY: New York researchers have discovered a new gene fusion that is highly expressed in a subset of prostate cancers. The results may lead to more accurate prostate cancer testing and new targets for potential treatments. READ MORE>

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A simple urine test may be all that’s needed to detect prostate cancer, if new findings in gene fusion research are validated.

A newly discovered gene fusion is highly expressed in a subset of prostate cancers, according to a study by researchers at Weill Cornell Medical College in the US.

The findings, reported in the April 1 issue of Cancer Research, may lead to more accurate tests for prostate cancer.

The gene fusion biomarker is also a different type of fusion than researchers have found in cancer previously and may represent an entirely new mechanism that cancer cells use to outgrow their healthy neighbors.

The SLC45A3-ELK4 gene fusion is detectable at high levels in the urine of some men at risk for prostate cancer. READ MORE>

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