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NEW PROSTATE CANCER INFOLINK: Prostate cancer is linked to gene variations we inherit, but there are other factors involved as well, writes Mike Scott. READ MORE>

It is all too easy to want to believe that prostate cancer (and other forms of cancer) might be like one of the truly heritable diseases that are utterly dependent on one’s genetics, such as sickle cell anemia or Huntington’s disease.

Unfortunately, it just isn’t going to be that simple.

The development of prostate cancer in any specific individual is most probably a multi-stage process.

It may well be linked to the genes you are born with, but it is also quite certainly linked to other things that happen as you age.

As yet, we have minimal understanding of what those “other things” really are.

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MSNBC: A large study in Japan into possible genetic causes for prostate cancer has uncovered five new gene variants which have never been seen in previous studies in Caucasians. READ MORE>

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