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PROSTABLOG NZ: The NZ Health Select Committee has asked the NZ Prostate Cancer Foundation to send any cases it knows about of men being declined prostate cancer tests by doctors to the Health and Disability Commissioner.

The request comes after PCF president Barry Young told the first day of the committee’s hearings into prostate cancer that GPs are doing this in NZ and it may be responsible for some men not being diagnosed in time for treatment.

The foundation already has ample evidence of this problem, says Barry Young, but this invitation by Health Select Committee chairman Dr Paul Hutchison is a chance for all NZ men who have faced this problem to speak out.

 If you or someone you know has been declined a request for a PSA test or digital rectal examination by a GP in NZ, please email details to the PCF at:


Or PHONE: 0800 477 678

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MAY 26: STUFF: NZ Health and Disability Commissioner Ron Paterson has called for more robust systems to be implemented at Nelson Hospital after a man underwent unnecessary prostate surgery. The 67-year-old man underwent radical surgery in 2007 after he was diagnosed with prostate cancer by a locum senior pathologist. While the surgery was uneventful, the man experienced ongoing urinary incontinence and another pathologist reviewed the diagnosis and found no evidence of malignancy. READ MORE>

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