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URO TODAY: A combination of docetaxel/zoledronic/prednisone in chemotherapy for hormone refractory prostate cancer patients is safe and effective, say Indian researchers. For patients with a Gleason score less than 7, PSA declined more than 50% and those who received more than four cycles had significantly better survival. READ MORE>

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URO TODAY: Docetaxel plus estramustine chemotherapy represents an active and well-tolerated treatment for Japanese hormone-refractory prostate cancer patients. READ MORE>

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JULY 27: PUB MED: A trial involving men with hormone-refractory (advanced) prostate cancer who were¬† treated with Provenge (a cellular immunotherapy product called Sipuleucel-T) had a “survival benefit” and only modest side effects, say the Washington researchers. READ MORE>

The integrated results…demonstrate a survival benefit for patients treated with sipuleucel-T compared with those treated with placebo.

The generally modest toxicity profile, coupled with the survival benefit, suggests a favorable risk-benefit ratio for sipuleucel-T in patients with advanced prostate cancer.

The most common adverse events associated with treatment were chills, pyrexia (fever), headache, asthenia (physical weakness), dyspnea (shortness of breath), vomiting, and tremor.

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