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URO TODAY: Researchers have discovered that prostate tumours in mice can cause immune cells known as CD8+ T cells to change to cells that suppress immune responses. READ MORE>

This finding, by researchers at the US National Cancer Institute, has important implications for the design of immune-based therapies for cancer.

Future work by this team will focus on defining the mechanisms by which  gain their suppressive functions.

“This will enhance our ability to generate more effective anti-tumor T cell responses in mice, which then might be translated to human.”

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DAILY MAIL: A new treatment for treating prostate cancer – based on cells taken from the patient in the hope these will provoke the immune system into attacking and eventually killing the cancer -is being tested on men in the advanced stages of the disease. READ MORE>

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JULY 31: URO TODAY: Higher levels of immune cells called CD68(+) macrophages found in patients having androgen deprivation therapy may be associated with greater risk of advanced prostate cancer, according to a study in Quebec. Patients with elevated abundance of CD56(+) Natural Killer cells had lower risk of prostate cancer progression. READ MORE>

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