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PROSTABLOG NZ: In view of renewed NZ debate about PSA testing for prostate cancer, it’s useful to take another look at the updated guidelines published by the American Urological Association in July this year. READ MORE>

The key changes were:

  • a recommendation that all men, whether they have symptoms or not, should get their first PSA test when they turn 40;
  • the final decision about getting tested is an individual one for a man, but made in consultation with his doctor. Mass screening was not recommended.

The Australian and NZ Urological Society have followed suit on these guidelines, announcing an update last month. It has reignited the debate about PSA testing in Australia.

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THE AUSTRALIAN: “When was the last time the epidemiologists treated a 48-year-old man dying of prostate cancer, surrounded by a young family?” asks David Malouf, president of the Urological Society of Australia and New Zealand: “We are not talking about statistics, we are talking about human beings.” READ MORE>

In a testy debate in Australia, he was replying to critics of the society’s recent decision to follow the American Urological Association recommendation that men over 40 be offered PSA tests.

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PROSTABLOG NZ: New hostilities have erupted in Australia in the long-running testing-for-prostate cancer war of words.

The debate over whether men should be encouraged to have PSA tests has been rekindled there following the Urological Society of Australia and New Zealand’s announcement last week that men over 40 should be tested.

GrumpyThe Sydney Morning Herald has carried a rebutting argument from two of the city’s public health academics: Simon Chapman is a professor and Alexandra Barratt an associate professor in the school of public health at the University of Sydney.

And that, in turn, has enraged retired journalist and prostate survivor, Ian Skinner (right – whose blog is called Grumpy Old Journo).

Gee! It’s almost two years since your Grumpy Old Journo – also known as a Happy Prostate Cancer Survivor – put up some posts disagreeing with Simon Chapman, a strong opponent of screening for prostate cancer. READ MORE>

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JUNE 17: URO TODAY: Although major organisations disagree about the efficacy of prostate cancer screening, the PSA test and digital rectal examination continue to be utilised regularly by a majority of American men over 40. READ MORE>

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