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PROSTABLOG NZ: While many Kiwis probably still associate prostate cancer fund-raising with moustaches and men growing them each November, our main prostate cancer group no longer gets money from that source.

The Prostate Cancer Foundation of NZ has moved to a new money-raising strategy called Blue September, which will launch next month with a range of activities.

Meantime, Movember continues to be an international event, as shown by this British report:

Haulage companies can help raise awareness of the most common type of cancer in the UK, as well as raise money for charity by encouraging (male) employees to grow sponsored moustaches in November.

The international event, called Movember, raised £2m last year for the UK’s Prostate Cancer Charity, which is calling on truck drivers across the UK to prove that combating male disease is a macho mission.

Movember will probably run in NZ again this year, but the money goes to the Cancer Society, whose policy on screening has not been reviewed for several years. However, some of its funding does go on prostate cancer research.

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