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PROSTABLOG NZ: You Tube’s silent treatment of my plea to restore my piddling video because it has a social value transcending their “community guidelines” raises some issues.

These have nothing to do with prostate cancer, but bear with me.

As a journalist with nearly half a century’s experience, I’m finally waking up to the fact that media accountability has slipped even further away from the ideal.

It was never strong. Large media organisations have tended to deal arbitrarily with complaints, often calling on the utility of press freedom to justify their frequent breaches of public trust.

But at least there were actual mechanisms for holding them to account.

You could write to the editor, and if that didn’t do it, complain to the regulatory body – although, because it was usually self-regulatory, you didn’t hold your breath waiting for satisfaction.

You got a better deal with broadcasting in countries like NZ, which (under the guise of governments “needing to allot frequencies in orderly fashion”) have laws regulating media behaviour, laws with teeth.

Now, we have You Tube, which – like still images website Flickr, and aggregators like Google – is a global behemoth run by computers, and a law entirely unto itself.

If they choose to ignore your complaint, they will. And in my case, have. And there are no regulatory agencies to whom I can take my case, except perhaps the courts, if I had enough money.

There is an irony here. I could perhaps go to the “old media” and have them air it, if they could be persuaded.

They might be interested. After all, it’s a fairly bizarre case, isn’t it: prominent Kiwi journalism educator gets pissed off after his socially important video on, um, pissing, is taken off line.

It’s the sort of weird story that appears daily in newspaper “odd spots” round the world.

Then, and only then, might the new model of media conglomerate sit up and take notice.

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