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NZ DOCTOR: Harbour Health PHO told the NZ Health Select Committee yesterday [15 September] it is just weeks away from testing an electronic decision-support tool, which describes a care pathway for the assessment and management of prostate health. READ MORE>

Men and their GPs are often confused by the conflicting messages about prostate cancer, Dr Lannes Johnson (Harbour Health PHO medical director) told the committee.

“On one hand we tell GPs not to screen for prostate cancer; on the other, we say, every man has the right to testing and advice.

“The controversy has not been resolved by the evidence-based medicine approach…But sensible decisions can be made in primary care even without consensus between urologists, oncologists or epidemiologists.

“We really cannot leave things as they are.”

PROSTABLOG NZ:  Decision aids to assist men make choices about prostate cancer treatment have been around a while, but have only recently been adapted for use via the internet.

The Australians announced in July good results with one designed for men with prostate cancer in their families. READ MORE>

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NZ DOCTOR: ‘General practice is the perfect place to support or drive awareness campaigns…but should we be supporting one organisation more than another just because their campaigns are slicker?’ asks former practice nurse Barbara Docherty, who lectures at the University of Auckland School of Nursing. READ MORE>

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NZ DOCTOR: A major New Zealand research initiative that will determine the best time for men with prostate cancer to receive radiation therapy after surgery to remove the prostate has been launched in New Zealand and Australia. READ MORE>

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NZ DOCTOR:  Restrictions on access to intravenous prostate cancer treatment drug Zoladex (goserelin) will be lifted tomorrow in an agreement that sees Pharmac continuing to fully subsidise the drug. As part of the same agreement with manufacturer AstraZeneca, a special authority will no longer be required for  the drug, which will have subsidy and delisting protection until June 30, 2013. READ MORE>

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JUNE 8: NZ DOCTOR: Some 50 per cent of men diagnosed via a PSA test would never experience symptoms if left untreated, says a NZ epidemiologist who has analysed the large randomised studies reported recently. READ MORE>

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