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URO TODAY: Older prostate cancer patients should be treated according to their health, not age, says an international panel of geriatric oncology specialists. READ MORE>

The panel calls for a revamp of international guidelines and says for this purpose older men – the average age of prostate cancer patients is 68 – can be divided into four groups:

  • “Healthy” patients (controlled co-morbidity, fully independent in daily living activities, no malnutrition) should get the same treatment as younger patients.
  • “Vulnerable” patients (reversible impairment) should get standard treatment after medical intervention.
  • “Frail” patients (irreversible impairment) should have adapted treatment.
  • “Terminal” patients should have symptomatic palliative treatment.

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URO TODAY: Despite evidence that older [prostate] cancer patients may cope more effectively than younger cancer patients, depressive symptoms remain an important concern for aging cancer patients. READ MORE>

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