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URO TODAY: Urine samples that show higher levels of PCA3 – a prostate-specific messenger gene – could be an accurate indication of prostate cancer, Italian researchers report. READ MORE>

Our results indicate that the PCA3 score is a valid tool for prostate cancer detection and its role in making better biopsy decisions.

This marker [helps] to discriminate patients who have to undergo biopsy from patients who only need be actively surveilled: Quantitative PCA3 score is correlated with the probability of a positive result at biopsy.

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URO TODAY: Hopes for a urine test to tell how serious prostate cancer might be remain just that, following a new study just reported. READ MORE>

The predictive value of PCA3 for prostate cancer aggressiveness features as reported in earlier studies cannot be confirmed in our study. Experimental differences (urine sediments v whole urine) and cohort may explain this.

The exact place of PCA3 as prognostic test for prostate cancer remains the subject of investigation.

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JUNE 24: URO TODAY: Adding prostate cancer antigen 3 to serum PSA improves prostate cancer prediction. The use of PCA3 in a clinical setting may help to stratify patients according to their risk for biopsy and cancer detection, although a large-scale validation study will be needed to address assay standardisation, optimal cutoff values, and appropriate patient populations. READ MORE>

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