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PROSTABLOG NZ: Um…what’s going on?

I haven’t posted new prostate cancer stories for 10 days…and I’m getting record hits on this site.

What is it with you people? I’m trying to retire (temporarily, probably) here, and still you keep coming in for a look.

Obviously, I’ve got a lot to learn about blogging.

Incidentally, did anyone catch the RadioNZ item about Movember this morning? Pure PR. Hopeless journalism.

I’m ashamed at my own so-called profession’s (journalism) lack of ability to drill down into the story of NZ’s dual prostate cancer awareness and fund-raising campaigns.

One question, though: how much money did Blue September raise and what will it be used for? Anyone care to enlighten us?

Meantime, I noticed a poster on the bus on my way home from work today. It was about the breast cancer Pink Ribbon campaign and it said one in nine NZ women is “affected” by breast cancer.

Not good.

But how much worse is the possibility that one in two Kiwi men is affected by prostate cancer?


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