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URO TODAY: Studies evaluating quality of life and cost-efficiency associated with prostate cancer treatment need to be completed with the highest urgency and their results should be considered together with more mature data from the European Randomized Study of Screening for Prostate Cancer to reach an effective implementation of population-based prostate cancer screening, say Dutch urology researchers. READ MORE>

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PROSTABLOG NZ: The US government – like all governments, including NZ’s – doesn’t approve of population-based prostate cancer screening, but that doesn’t seem to stop various organisations in the US offering screening.

Latest example noted via the web is the White Plains Hospital Center in New York’s Westchester County, which describes itself as “a 292-bed voluntary, not-for-profit health care organization”, which appears to belie the oft-heard suggestion that US urologists push for screening because it’s big business. READ MORE>

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PROSTABLOG NZ: The NZ government needs to add prostate cancer to its health priorities, if a Prostablog poll is any indication.

That was the most popular choice of those voting in the poll, which asked Kiwis what they think the Health Select Committee inquiry into prostate cancer should hear.

The closing date for submissions to the inquiry was today.

Votes in the Prostablog poll numbered only 48, which seems a modest result – until you compare it with a similar poll run recently on America’s most prominent prostate cancer website, the New Prostate Cancer Infolink.

It got only 120 votes, so considering the population difference, we didn’t do too badly.

Notwithstanding the extent of the vote, the Prostablog poll has a clear message for the government:

  • Add prostate cancer to the health priorities (it doesn’t get a mention in the new list announced in May.
  • More money should be committed to prostate cancer research (does anyone know how much is spent now?).
  • It should be compulsory for all GPs to offer prostate cancer tests.
  • Population-based prostate cancer screening is urgently needed.
  • The Ministry of Health should be running a TV campaign like those used to spread the screening message to women about breast and cervical cancer.
  • NZ needs more modern prostate cancer treatment drugs.

The Prostablog poll

What should the prostate community tell the NZ Parliamentary inquiry into prostate cancer?


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