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NEW PROSTATE CANCER INFO-LINK: The latest data from the American Cancer Society suggest that there will be an increase in both prostate cancer diagnoses and prostate cancer deaths in the US in 2010 compared to 2009, but whether this is really of any statistical significance is probably open to question. READ MORE>

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URO TODAY: Some 56,000 prostate cancer deaths were averted in the US over the 20 years following the introduction of PSA testing in 1985, say researchers writing in the online edition of the US Journal of the National Cancer Institute. READ MORE>

The authors estimate that in total, 1,305,600 US men were diagnosed with prostate cancer (CaP) between 1986 and 2005. They say 1,004,800 men were treated with surgery or radiation.

They conclude that 56,500 prostate cancer deaths have been averted and that 23 men had to be diagnosed and 18 treated for each man experiencing a benefit from screening, diagnosis and treatment.

CaP incidence rose about 12% per year after 1986 and peaked in 1992. It then declined at 10% per year for a three-year period.

Although incidence stabilised for the years 1995-2005, overall it increased 26% from 1986 to 2005.

However, for men over age 80 the incidence declined from 1986 to 2005, for men ages 70-79 it was stable, for men ages 60-69 it doubled, for men ages 50-59 it tripled and for men less than 50 years old it increased seven-fold.

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UNIVERSITY OF PENNSYLVANIA: After the introduction of the PSA screening test for prostate cancer, mortality from the disease declined significantly faster in the United States than in a set of 16 comparison countries, a study has found. Countries with lower uptake of PSA testing – UK and Norway – have had much slower declines in their prostate cancer death rates. READ MORE>

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