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URO TODAY: Urine samples that show higher levels of PCA3 – a prostate-specific messenger gene – could be an accurate indication of prostate cancer, Italian researchers report. READ MORE>

Our results indicate that the PCA3 score is a valid tool for prostate cancer detection and its role in making better biopsy decisions.

This marker [helps] to discriminate patients who have to undergo biopsy from patients who only need be actively surveilled: Quantitative PCA3 score is correlated with the probability of a positive result at biopsy.

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JUNE 21: URO TODAY: The human genome project and high throughput gene expression profiling has recently yielded several promising molecular biomarkers for prostate cancer detection beyond PSA or PSA modifications. READ MORE>

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MAY 31: NEW PROSTATE CANCER INFO-LINK: The future of prostate cancer detection may lie in complex assays systems that can test for several markers at the same time and use the accumulated data to assess prostate cancer risk. READ MORE>

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