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NEW PROSTATE CANCER INFOLINK: A detailed analysis of the findings of a Swedish study into the effectiveness of prostate cancer screening using PSA tests is provided here by Mike Scott: READ MORE>

The data from the Göteborg study may still not provide a convincing rationale for mass, population-based screening based on use of the PSA test, but it certainly does set the standard for what must be expected from any new test that may come along and show promise as a true screening test for prostate cancer in the future.

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Reuters and other news agencies gave widespread coverage to the Swedish study over recent days.

REUTERS: An extensive study of 20,000 men into the merits of screening men between the ages of 50 and 65 for prostate cancer has found it can cut death rates from the disease by as much as half, report Swedish scientists. READ MORE> and HERE> and HERE> and HERE> and HERE>

Over 14 years of follow-up, prostate cancer death rates were cut almost by half in the (PSA) screening group compared with the non-screening group, as men were diagnosed and treated in time to stop the cancer from killing them.

Jonas Hugosson, who led the study, said the results showed that PSA screening of all men this age group “can result in a relevant reduction in cancer mortality.”

But the findings don’t necessarily mean nationwide prostate screening programs should introduced, experts said, since they run the risk of significant overdiagnosis of tumors in men who would not have suffered any harm from their cancer.

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URO TODAY: The introduction of PSA screening has resulted in more than 1 million additional men being diagnosed and treated for prostate cancer in the United States. The growth is particularly dramatic for younger men. READ MORE>

Given the considerable time that has passed since PSA screening began, most of this excess incidence must represent over-diagnosis.

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