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URO TODAY: The surge in adoption of robotic-assisted radical prostatectomy – across the United States in particular – has put “open” surgeons on the defensive. READ MORE>

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PROSTABLOG NZ:  It’s nearly a year since I shed that damned tricky wee organ, the prostate…and perhaps, inevitably, I’m back at this blog.

Not filing daily, as I did for six months, but adding something now and again as prostate information comes up.

But there’s something else that’s brought me back – you guys.

You’ve written some wonderfully encouraging feedback, evidence perhaps that my original motivation for blogging after my surgery in late March, 2009, was appropriate.

Prior to the operation, I could make no sense of the web’s technically complex, at times hysterical, sometimes misleading morass of prostate “information”.

Take a look at the latest message to come in today (SEE BELOW).

It’s from an Auckland man who will have a robotically guided prostatectomy next week, and he writes that my account has given him some comfort.

Can’t ask for better than that.

Good luck, John.

Have two more bits of good news (from my point of view).

  1. My second PSA test result came in this week and the antigens are still undetectable.
  2. Son Kirk and wife Megan have just brought our first grandchild into the world – “Sparky” Oliver Thomas Tucker (right).

Meantime, catch up with a bit of our “new” post-prostate lifestyle, Lin’s account of our campervan travels around the South Island of NZ earlier this year.

Titled  Thecatcametoo (because he did), it recounts what you can do about seeing your own country if you set your mind to it.  CLICK HERE>

Hello Jim & Lin,
A HUGE thank you for posting all this personal information. My wife Vickie read an article in the Listener with a link to your wonderful site.
I enjoyed your style of writing in an informative and humorous manner, and with your vivid description, I was actually able to visualise events as if I was there, sort of a 3D movie.
You are a lucky man, Jim, to have such a supporting and loving wife, as am I.
I am having surgery next Wednesday, so I found your story in the nick of time. It has calmed my nerves somewhat,and answered a lot of questions for me.
Looking forward to the catheter…NOT.
I will be having a “robotic-assisted radical prostatectomy” in Ascot Hospital in Auckland. Costs big money. Luckily, I have insurance, and have been paying premiums for 20 or so years. Almost quit several times.
I will post again after surgery.

John Montgomerie

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