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URO TODAY: The surge in adoption of robotic-assisted radical prostatectomy – across the United States in particular – has put “open” surgeons on the defensive. READ MORE>

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PROSTABLOG NZ: John Montgomerie had his prostatectomy via robotic method in Auckland, NZ,  in mid-February and we asked him to report progress.

His report shows he is recovering well…and he has some revealing comments about insurance:

I am doing well. Had to use incontinent pads for four weeks and still not 100%, (maybe I should try the ones with wings?). Have a  problem with leakage when I cough, sneeze, etc.

We have a spa, which is set at 41.5 degrees and it has proved to be a Godsend. Use it several times daily.

I can now use the motor bike without too much pain, and I’m walking 2-3km twice a day, which is a big help,

At two to three weeks after the operation, I was able to do a lot of farm jobs, which was a big help for my dear wife – and my self esteem.

At six weeks post-op, I’m back into full-on farm work, and able to drive a tractor for a few hours at a time.

Had a good PSA result, 0.2, which is a lot better than 5.8 before the op.

Insurance paid all of the costs ($45,000 plus) without stuffing me about, which was great. I am insured with AA Health and they were very helpful.

I  would be happy to recommend them. Some insurance companies do not pay for the full cost of robotic surgery (Southern Cross is one such company). And the patient has to pay $12,000 to $15,000 before the operation’

Good one, John. Glad to see you’re progressing brilliantly. Interesting stuff about the iunsurance cover, as well.

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REUTERS:  Surgeons are increasingly turning to high-tech robotic equipment to operate on patients with prostate cancer and other conditions, but some medical authorities worry about inadequate training and lax standards among practitioners. READ MORE>

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BUZZ MACHINE: Top new media blogger Jeff Jarvis describes his very recent prostate cancer surgery: READ MORE>

Few of you should care but for those who do, here’s a chronicle of my experience in robotic surgery for prostate cancer. I post it here mainly for the ongoing Google value to those who follow me into the O.R.

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HULIQ NEWS: Johns Hopkins researchers have developed a new technique that may improve robotic prostate surgery by using a second robot for taking three-dimensional ultrasound images of the prostate and surrounding structures during the procedure. READ MORE>

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