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URO TODAY: Men who choose watchful waiting after diagnosis of prostate cancer face higher risk of death from the disease than those who choose treatment, a Swedish study of nearly 7000 men has shown. READ MORE>

After adjustment for risk category, co-morbidity, and socio-economic status, there was a lower risk of prostate cancer-specific death in the radical prostatectomy and radiotherapy groups compared to active surveillance.

Overall and regardless of treatment strategy, the risk of prostate cancer-specific death at 8.2 years after diagnosis for all 6849 patients was 17%.

Death from competing causes was 17.6% for the active surveillance group, 6.8% for the radical prostatectomy group and 10.9% for the radio therapy group.

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AUGUST 6: URO TODAY: A high vitamin B-6 intake may improve prostate cancer survival among men with a diagnosis of localised-stage disease, according to a Swedish study. Folate, riboflavin, vitamin B-12, and methionine intakes were not associated with prostate cancer survival.  READ MORE>

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JUNE 5: URO TODAY:  Data from a Swedish study do not support the hypothesis that high serum calcium levels are a risk factor for prostate cancer. On the contrary, the data suggest that high serum levels of calcium in young overweight men may be a marker for a decreased risk of developing prostate cancer. READ MORE>

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