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JULY 11: LOCAL12.COM: A new blood test is in the works which could better help doctors diagnose prostate cancer. But experts at the University of Cincinnati say there’s a few things men need to know about it.

Right now — a PSA or prostate specific antigen test is the most common blood test used to help diagnose prostate cancer. The problem, according to Dr. James Donovan of the University of Cincinnati, is “only 30 percent of men with elevated PSAs actually have prostate cancer.”  READ MORE>

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 MAY 19: UNIVERSITY OF CINCINNATI: University of Cincinnati cancer and cell biologists have identified a new molecular pathway key to the development of invasive prostate cancers. The UC team found in a study that simultaneous inactivation  of two particular genes—known as PTEN and Par-4—caused the rapid development of invasive prostate cancer tumors in mice. READ MORE>

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