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URO TODAY: Benign prostatic hyperplasia patients in whom prostate cancer is suspected and who have urination problems, with a previously negative biopsy result, can undergo transurethral resection of the prostate, which treats bladder outlet obstruction and gives early diagnosis of prostate cancer. READ MORE>

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DOMINION POST: In this personal account, a Lower Hutt man recalls the dire effects on his life of an enlarged prostate – and how he finally got it fixed.

When prostate rules it’s not OK

…was too late. I was in trouble again – this time on an island miles from a hospital. I returned in some discomfort to the company and tried to act as if everything was OK. We left soon after. When we got to the cottage I sat on the toilet until I got…read more…

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URO TODAY: Forty percent of about 400 men treated with brachytherapy developed urinary obstructive symptoms, generally within the first three to six months, according to a study  of about 400 prostate cancer patients. READ MORE>

These symptoms resolved in a large proportion of men. Impaired potency occurred in 15% of men by six months and in more than 40% of men by 60 months. Bowel symptoms were less common and had a slower onset.

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