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Oops – a bit of a scare.

I needed a urine test last week when I thought I’d picked up an infection in the waterworks; it showed no infection – but traces of blood.

Minute traces. I hadn’t noticed anything, but I had been a bit sore in the pipework, possibly connected to unusually (for me these days) prolonged…how can I put this delicately…relations.

I was sure that’s all it was, but my GP ordered another test of the urine, for red blood corpuscles. RBC in doctor’s shorthand.

Coupled with the fact we’d neglected to include PSA in my annual bloodtests last November, this news certainly sent a shiver down the spine.

Here I am nearly seven years down the track from a prostatectomy and so far clear of prostate cancer, and thinking nothing can go wrong now. Surely.

That’s foolish, of course. When I last checked, the medical authorities were saying you need to be clear at least a decade.

I peed in the polystyrene cup on Monday morning, the GP’s nurse decanted a sample into a phial, wrote the paperwork, and sent me off to the lab to hand it in.

Then, the wait. How long before they ring with the result?

Nothing by Thursday. So I rang. The GP’s nurse told me to hang on while she checked. It took forever, it seemed, but was only a couple of minutes.

Then: “You’re clear. Nothing was found.”

Big phew. Gigantic phew.

Why hadn’t they called? My wife says GPs don’t these days, if the news is good. Only if it’s bad.

How considerate.

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URO TODAY: Urine samples that show higher levels of PCA3 – a prostate-specific messenger gene – could be an accurate indication of prostate cancer, Italian researchers report. READ MORE>

Our results indicate that the PCA3 score is a valid tool for prostate cancer detection and its role in making better biopsy decisions.

This marker [helps] to discriminate patients who have to undergo biopsy from patients who only need be actively surveilled: Quantitative PCA3 score is correlated with the probability of a positive result at biopsy.

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URO TODAY: A new urine test may be able to discern how serious prostate cancer is, and save men having unnecessary biopsies. READ MORE>

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URO TODAY: Hopes for a urine test to tell how serious prostate cancer might be remain just that, following a new study just reported. READ MORE>

The predictive value of PCA3 for prostate cancer aggressiveness features as reported in earlier studies cannot be confirmed in our study. Experimental differences (urine sediments v whole urine) and cohort may explain this.

The exact place of PCA3 as prognostic test for prostate cancer remains the subject of investigation.

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JULY 29: URO TODAY: Analysis of an enzyme in men’s urine may provide a new way to diagnose metastatic prostate cancer, a new study suggests. READ MORE>

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JULY 24:  RENAL & UROLOGY NEWS: A protein that shows up in the urine of men with prostate cancer, but not those who don’t have it, may be an effective screening test by 2011, UK researchers believe. READ MORE>

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A simple urine test may be all that’s needed to detect prostate cancer, if new findings in gene fusion research are validated.

A newly discovered gene fusion is highly expressed in a subset of prostate cancers, according to a study by researchers at Weill Cornell Medical College in the US.

The findings, reported in the April 1 issue of Cancer Research, may lead to more accurate tests for prostate cancer.

The gene fusion biomarker is also a different type of fusion than researchers have found in cancer previously and may represent an entirely new mechanism that cancer cells use to outgrow their healthy neighbors.

The SLC45A3-ELK4 gene fusion is detectable at high levels in the urine of some men at risk for prostate cancer. READ MORE>

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